Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday Mornings

I masturbated and came this morning while he was out doing good deeds.

I'm not usually forbidden from masturbating but I do have to tell each time.

Which... I don't really like doing. I never have. Which he knows. Which is part of the reason why he makes me do it. Power, right? Information as well. And information is power too. Which makes it great. Right?

He often stops to examine the confession.

With commentary.

"Well that was slutty."

or "Aren't you a needy little fuck?"

Which can be humiliating. Sometimes in a good humiliating way. Sometimes just in an embarrassing humiliating way.

Or he'll ask if I really needed it or if it was just "crime of opportunity".

In this case, a little of both Sir.


  1. so does it make you more or less inclined to do it, knowing that you will need to "fess up"? And when you do do it, does it make it hotter knowing that you will have to fess up?

    The nosy,


  2. But you would miss it if it were gone...

  3. I say, "Enjoy!" Own up if you have to. Own up if you love that place with him. However it works, just enjoy. Life is short and the living is good while we get to be doing it. So, just ... enjoy.