Friday, July 18, 2014

Thursday's Task

Hello Sir,

Just a short paragraph (as ordered) to tell you about yesterday's task at work.

I spent a lot of the afternoon focused on other things, but had pretty much finished them all by the time i went to do this task. I went into the women's washroom about 3 and there was someone in there, so I left and went back about 3:30 i think. I might be off a little with the times.

I went into the stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties (the pleated skirt is very full and silky, and has two layers and was a bit of a pain to hold out of the way, I know you like that kind of thing) and licked my finger and went to work on my clit, rubbing and stroking and trying to get myself turned on. 
It was a bit... umm... clinical i guess, because it was so purposefully just about turning myself on to obey the order. And yet as I worked away at it, I did get turned on, to about a 7 as ordered, and then I stopped, as ordered. 
I wanted to use the little buzzing vibe i had in my purse but I didn't as you had ordered just fingers. 

So I got to where i was supposed to be and then stopped, pulled up my panties, pulled down my skirt and went back to work wanting.

Thank you for the task Sir,

Your sweet little slut


  1. It is compelling to think of you going off to do this task, P. And here I thought you were just suffering through those tedious work meetings all day. Very devious!


  2. I wonder how many people do things like this at work in between the meetings. Don't you?