Sunday, July 20, 2014

Respecting the Rules

We were talking this morning about "the letter of the law", about rules and their meanings and how I follow them.

He's kind of stern about rules. Ummm, that might be an understatement. He's very stern about rules. If he says he wants things done 3 times he wants them done 3 times. Not 2. And not 4 either. 3.

If he says don't do something, he means don't do it at all. He doesn't mean sometimes, or do less of it, or don't do it where I know he's going to see it, or anything like that. He means don't do it.

Sometimes I hate the rules he sets, and they are often negotiable, as long as that negotiation is done respectfully. He'll discuss just about anything and he'll continue to discuss it, though it may be just about impossible to change his mind after the first discussion.

Sometimes I'm just sulky about things which shows him that I didn't like the rule and I don't want to do it. And he ignores the sulkiness or gets annoyed. Negotiating after I've been sulky doesn't work as well. (Duh!)

If he found me sneaking around doing something he had told me not to do he'd be furious and there would be all kinds of hell to pay.