Monday, September 1, 2014

Cat and Mouse

His favorite thing is breast torture.

He plays a lot with nipples,  that's often his focus with quick little pinches and twists or more deliberate clamping sessions.

Thursday he clamped my nipples with the little tweezer clamps. He put them on me, pushing the rings up slowly, watching my tits, my face for feedback. Then, as he often does, he straightened one of them, taking it off and replacing it so it would be perfectly vertical.

And then, rather than playing with me more, he tucked my tits roughly back in my bra, which hurt. And then, a little while later, he pulled my panties off, I thought maybe to spank me, but no, he just took the panties and stuffed them roughly in my bra. It was staggering how much more that hurt. He's never done that before and I sort of want him to do it again, because it was so mean and it hurt so much and he was so indifferent and probably even unknowing of how much that escalated things.

And then, he just waited.

Because Dominants always win the pain waiting game don't they.

And he played with me. Cat and mouse I think.

They hurt more and more and eventually, I begged him to take the clamps off me.  I couldn't take the pain; I was starting to freak.

And eventually he fucked me. And came. And waited some more. Though I didn't cum. That wasn't what the session was about.

And I begged him again. Please to take the clamps off me.

And he started to play sexually with me. He reached between my legs, and pointed out that I was slick and sloppy with his cum. He said it like he was disgusted but he loves finding the mark of his ownership that way.

He played and stroked and rubbed and eventually asked me if I wanted to cum. I said I wanted him to please take the clamps of and he laughed a little and said that wasn't the question. So I said I did want to cum. So he rubbed a little more, and then told me it was too much work and that if I wanted to get off I could do the work and rub myself on his fingers til I got off.

And I squirmed and rubbed and writhed til I got myself off.

And then my tits exploded with pain. And he had me kneel up and put my hands behind my head while he watched me sweat and cry with the pain. His pain.

And then he played with the clamps, taking the first one off slowly, oh so slowly, his fingers gently moving the ring down and spreading the arms of the clamps and peeling them off my nipple as I sobbed. The second one was fast, rough, all one motion an explosion of pain.

Which was worse he asked me.


Which I guess is why it's his favorite thing?

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